Technology Collaboration Operations Committee

Committee Charge

The Operations Committee will be responsible for driving technology collaboration. They will identify appropriate projects for collaboration, create implementation plans, solicit proposals from vendors and present proposals to the Technology Collaboration Steering Committee. It is important that the Operations Committee be free to be creative and be open to all ideas and viewpoints. This Committee will submit collaboration initiative proposals to the Technology Collaboration Steering Committee. It is not authorized to sign agreements or expend funds.

WPLC Technology Collaboration Operations Position Description

Membership is open to any technology professional from any Wisconsin Public Library System. Members may contribute in any capacity and on any project. Members may come and go as appropriate. Committee size may not exceed 25.

Committee Members

  • Keetra Baker, WLS
  • Erica Brewster, WVLS
  • Bryan Durkee, OWLS
  • Eric Henry, MCFLS
  • Bill Herman, DPI
  • Kerri Hilbelink, SCLS
  • Pete Hodge, WLS
  • Andrew Hoks, SCLS
  • Tony Kriskovich, NWLS
  • John Kronenburg, NFLS
  • Walter Leifeld, WRLS
  • Mellanie Mercier, BLS
  • Lori Roholt, IFLS
  • Kris Schwartz, IFLS
  • Tou Yang, WRLS
  • Open to any system technology staff

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Upcoming Meetings

July 11, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - Agenda

November 7, 2023 - joint with Tech Steering


Past Meeting Notes