Analytics Workgroup

The Analytics Workgroup completed its work in Feburary of 2016,


This workgroup will investigate the use of analytics and, specifically, how analytics could be used for statewide library marketing and advocacy.  Some expected outcomes of this project are:

  • Creating and demonstrating a process, application models, and training for the use of analytics.
  • Developing a common vocabulary and understanding of using data across the state
  • Determining ways to use data for developing and improving services
  • Determining ways to use data for targeting and promoting services
  • Determining ways to use concrete data about who is using services for advocacy purposes on a local and state level

Potential questions to answer with data that will lead to outcomes

General usage

  • How are specific library services being used and by whom? 
  • Who is not using the library and specific services and why?
  • How is this changing at each library and on a statewide level? 
  • How can we increase usage by specific populations or for specific services?
  • What are the borrowing patterns of materials?
  • What is the impact of a change in service(s)? For example, what is the impact of a budgetary change on a service?


  • How satisfied is the local community with the library service they are receiving?
  • How would the local community like to see library service improved/changed?

Community engagement

  • What groups are the libraries engaging in their communities?
  • What is the impact of this engagement on library usage?
  • What is the impact of this engagement on library visibility and funding?
  • What impact do services have on the community?  In other words, what difference is library services making?


Gus Falkenberg, Indianhead Federated Library System
Jeff Gilderson-Duwe, Oshkosh Public Library/Winnefox Library System
Mark Ibach, South Central Library System
Mellanie Mercier, Bridges Library System
Marla Sepnafski, Wisconsin Valley Library Service

For any questions about the Analytics Workgroup, contact Stef Morrill at or email