WPLC Board


All official business of the WPLC is conducted by the WPLC Board. The WPLC board meets quarterly and occasionally more often.  The Board consists of one voting representative from each of the Partners.  Please address concerns to your representative.

Current WPLC Board Members

  • Arrowhead: Steven Platteter
  • Bridges: Mellanie Mercier
  • IFLS: Maureen Welch - Liaison to Steering Committee
  • Kenosha: Rob Nunez
  • Lakeshores: Steve Ohs
  • Manitowoc-Calumet: Rebecca Schadrie
  • Milwaukee: Steve Heser
  • Monarch: Kimberly Young
  • Nicolet: Tracy Vreeke
  • Northern Waters: Sherry Machones, Interim Rep
  • OWLS: Bradley Shipps
  • South Central: Martha Van Pelt
  • Southwest: David Kranz, Vice Chair
  • Winding Rivers: Kristen Anderson, Chair
  • Winnefox: Jeff Gilderson-Duwe
  • Wisconsin Valley: Anne Hamland

Current Meeting Documents

Current Notes: October 23, 2020

NEXT MEETING: February 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm


    Previous Meetings and Documents

    WPLC Past Board Meeting Minutes

    WPLC Past Board Agendas and Documents

    WPLC Bylaws (Revised February 2018)

    Video from 2016 WAPL Annual Year in Review - June 2nd.

    Video from 2015 WPLC Board and Annual Meeting - May 6th in Wisconsin Rapids.