Advantage and Consortium Selector Resources

Welcome to the Advantage and Consortium Selector Resources page. Here you'll find tools and documentation to help you as you select for the WPLC consortium (referred to here as "consortium selectors") or for your system's Advantage account (referred to here as "Advantage selectors"). 

Get Oriented

  • Current Selectors - See who current selectors are for both the WPLC Consortium and for individual system Advantage accounts.
  • WPLC Selector Update Form - Do you need to add a new Advantage or Consortium Selector or delete someone who is no longer selecting? Fill out this form to help keep our records up to date.
  • OverDrive Marketplace Support - OverDrive Marketplace is your go-to for curating and purchasing digital content for your collection. Marketplace Support is a good place to start. If you're brand-new to selection work, we suggest viewing this PDF from OverDrive.

Purchasing Resources

Data Resources

  • How to use reports - helpful articles and how-to's about how to effectively use Marketplace's Insights
  • Advantage Data Dashboard - Advantage selectors and others can see a data snapshot for each Advantage account. This dashboard is updated quarterly.

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