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OverDrive Return Issue - August 25th

Update:  This issue has been resolved and returns are functioning normally.

There have been quite a few support requests coming in iover the last few days from around the state about patrons returning books but those books not disappearing from their bookshelves and continuing to count against their checkout limit.  We will work with OverDrive to get answers for you asap.

OverDrive Website Release Notes - August 4th:

OverDrive released some new functionality on the site!

1.  Suspend a Hold

This feature allows users to temporarily suspend a hold in the waiting list. The user’s position will continue to advance in the queue while their hold is suspended, but the hold will not be filled.

After the suspension ends, the title will continue to advance until the hold becomes available. If a user advances to the first position in the waiting list while the hold is suspended, the system will skip ahead to fill the next available hold.

Familiarize yourself with the new Suspend a Hold and Auto-Checkout features by watching the demonstration here: 

2.  Hold Auto-Checkout


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