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Email from OverDrive - Verify Your Account

Last week, patrons who were part of the beta for OverDrive One received an email asking them to verify their account.  We've received a few messages from patrons and librarians wondering if if this email is legit.  I've contacted OverDrive and they have told me it is.  Please recommend to patrons that they do verify their accounts or their accounts will be deleted.  This is an attempt to bolster account security that was skipped for the beta participants.  New accounts are verified when they are set up.


Information about Maturity Level Settings Pilot

Effective Monday, May 19th, OverDrive will have two new settings that patrons can adjust in their account.  This is a pilot of these features.

One feature is the ability to filter out content based on top level subject heading (Juvenile, YA, General, Adult).  This link to the OverDrive help page about this filter provides information about how to set this.


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