User / Non-User Surveys


The Wisconsin Library User (and Non-User) surveys study the perceptions of the population of Wisconsin toward libraries and library use.  The surveys capture perceptions of library users and non-users and provide actionable information about library perceptions that could be used by anyone. WPLC first sponsored the development of a scientific telephone survey in 2003. The instrument was refined for telephone implementation in 2007, and revised in 2012 to be a mail survey (with an online option). The change in 2012 was done to better capture the segments of the population that are not easily accessible by telephone.

In October 2016, the WPLC Board approved a proposal from Morrill Solutions Research to begin the process for the next round of User/Non-User surveys.  This resulted in a new User/Non-User Reasearch Program designed to empower libraries to conduct their own survys.