Collaborative Digitization Workgroup

The Collaborative Digitization Workgroup completed its work in 2016.


To develop a collaborative model for digitizing and providing access to archives and local historical resources in order to help systems be more efficient and keep them from “reinventing the wheel,” while ensuring that systems and member libraries are working in ways that will allow them to participate in Recollection Wisconsin and the Digital Public Library of America.

Specifically, the Workgroup will:

  • Research existing system-level collaborative digitization initiatives in Wisconsin.
  • Research collaborative regional and state-level digitization initiatives nationally.
  • Identify potential model(s) and make recommendations to WPLC Board.
  • Identify resources needed for implementation of recommended model(s).

Some known areas for discussion include:

  • Digitization project planning and management
  • Copyright
  • Scanning/reformatting
  • Metadata
  • Digital preservation
  • Content hosting, access and discovery


  • Kristen Anderson, Director, Winding Rivers Library System
  • Gus Falkenberg, Technology and Design Director, Indianhead Federated Library System
  • Josh Klingbeil, IT Director, Wisconsin Valley Library Service
  • Mark Merrifield, Director, Nicolet Federated Library System
  • Alison Ross, Cataloging Librarian, Monarch Library System
  • Bradley Shipps, Continuing Education and Outreach Librarian, Outagamie Waupaca Library System
  • Rose Ziech, Web Services Specialist, South Central Library System

Resources and Outcomes

Grant Opportunities for Digitization Projects

Collaborative Digitization Workgroup Recommendation (November 2015)

Project page