Budget Committee


The Budget Committee is constituted annually to develop the upcoming year's budget for WPLC.  The group is a committee of the Board and is populated in February each year and presents a budget to the Board in early May.  The board determines the operating expenditures for the following year and utilizes the recommendation of the Digital Library Steering Committee to determine the amount of the annual buying pool. 

Currently the Committee includes the WPLC Chair, Steering Committee Liaison(s), a representative from any standing committee of the Board, and at least one additional WPLC Board member.

Read more about the WPLC Budget.

2023 Members

  • Steve Heser, MCFLS (Board Chair)
  • Rachel Metzler, WVLS (Board Liaison to the Steering Committee)
  • Jean Anderson, SCLS (Board Volunteer)
  • Jeff Gilderson-Duwe, WLS (Board Volunteer)
  • Riti Grover, MLS (Board Volunteer)

2023 Documents