Sora - OverDrive App for Schools

You may have seen some information from OverDrive about Sora. We wanted to make sure that all of the WPLC partners and members knew about Sora and what it might mean for WPLC, so here are 6 things to know about Sora:

  1. Sora is the new app for schools who use OverDrive.  Think of it as the school equivalent for Libby.
  2. Sora has a feature that allows students to enter their barcode for one or more public libraries and then search both their school and public library collections at the same time.  
  3. When students search their public library OverDrive collection through Sora, the search is limited to what content is available through the Kids and YA Reading Rooms. 
  4. The Wisconsin Schools Digital Library Consortium (WSDLC - a consortium similar to WPLC but for schools who want to participate) is not yet widely encouraging the adoption of Sora, but individual schools may begin adopting Sora whenever they would like.
  5. Once the WSDLC adopts Sora widely, and students begin to search the WPLC collection along with their school collection,  the WPLC collection will get more exposure and use.  This may have ramifications for children's and YA collection development.  The Selection Committee and the Steering Committee will be discussing Sora at upcoming meetings. 
  6. If you have any questions about Sora, please let us know at!