Upcoming OverDrive Live Training Sessions for December

Now is the perfect time to begin preparing for what is certain to be another busy holiday season for digital books. OverDrive offers a series of free "basics" courses to help you become better prepared to assist your newest users.

If you've never attended an OverDrive training, or if you're wishing for a quick review, sign up now for one or more of our courses open to all library and school staff.

E-Reader Cheat Sheet

WIth the holidays right around the corner, we can expect that a lot of our patrons will be getting gifts of sleek, new e-readers and mobile devices.  Be ready for them with this great E-Reader Cheat Sheet with help on getting started with phones, tablets, and readers, created by Wisconsin Valley Library Service and adapted from the Seattle Public Library.

E-Reader Cheat Sheet

Thanks, WVLS!


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