Posted on: December 16, 2021 - 1:51pm

OverDrive has been working to increase the accessibility of the Libby App. Here are a some of the additional enhancements coming soon in January 2022:

Posted on: December 10, 2021 - 12:41pm

Do you assist your patrons with Libby, the OverDrive app and Wisconsin's Digital Library?
If so, the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC) seeks your valued feedback on the collection of materials in Wisconsin's Digital Library. Your input, drawing from your knowledge of patrons, will help guide us as we continue to grow and develop the collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital materials, so it is most relevant to Wisconsin library patrons.

Posted on: November 5, 2021 - 9:31am

A good resource about Libby and the OverDrive App being sunsetted can be found here:

Some notable things:

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