Digital Library Steering Committee


The Digital Library Steering Committee is comprised of one or more representatives from each public library system with a total of no more than twenty five members. The Digital Library  Steering Committee makes budget and policy recommendations related to Wisconsin's Digital Library to the WPLC Board for formal approval, makes all decisions relating to the day‐to‐day operation of the Digital Library and is empowered to establish, specify composition, and specify duties for any committees needed for the continuing operation of the Digital Library. The Selection Committee and other current committees relating to the operation of the Digital Library report to the Steering Committee.

2024 Members

  • Bridges: Shawn Carlson, Waukesha Public Library
  • Bridges: Abby Armour, Mukwonago Community Public Library
  • IFLS: Martha Spangler, Altoona Public Library
  • Kenosha: Shannon Urban, Kenosha Public Library
  • Manitowoc-Calumet: Lisa Pike, Manitowoc Public Library
  • Milwaukee: Karli Pederson, Milwaukee Public Library
  • Milwaukee: Mary Lopez, Milwaukee Public Library
  • Milwaukee: Kenny Schlueter, Greenfield Public Library
  • Monarch: Alex Harvancik, Horicon Public Library
  • Nicolet: Clare Kindt, Brown County Library
  • Northern Waters: Leslie Mehle, Superior Public Library
  • Outagamie-Waupaca: Rachel Hitt, Black Creek Public Library
  • Prairie Lakes: Michael DeVries, Beloit Public Library
  • South Central: Eric Norton, McMillan Public Library
  • South Central: Molly Warren, Madison Public Library
  • Southwest: Karina Zidon, Platteville Public Library, Vice Chair
  • Winding Rivers: Kayla Mathson, Independence Public Library
  • Winnefox: Nicole Hardina-Wilhelm, Neenah Public Library, Chair
  • Winnefox: Laura McDonald, Oshkosh Public Library
  • Wisconsin Valley: Ada Demlow, Antigo Public Library
  • WPLC Board Representative: Rachel Metzler, WVLS


Current Meeting Agenda

  • Next Meeting: September 12, 2024

Past Meeting Notes