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Tomorrow, Feb 14th is a Lucky Day for Patrons: Introducing the WI Digital Library's Lucky Day Collection

Tomorrow, Friday, February 14th, the WI Digital Library will launch a Lucky Day Collection featuring popular front and midlist ebook titles.

The idea behind the Lucky Day Collection is two-fold: 
1) To increase patron satisfaction and usage of the shared collection by allowing patrons the possibility to check out in-demand titles without waiting.
2) To circulate titles that have many copies that are no longer in high demand. 
Details of the opening Lucky Day collection are as follows: 

Wisconsin Public Library Mailing List - Coming Soon!

We are excited to share that in the coming weeks, the WPLC will be launching a statewide mailing list for all public libraries, much like the previous wispublib list.


You can look for the list to be available in early- to mid-September. 


More information will be coming soon but let us know at if you have any questions.




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